Write Your Own Paycheck [Day 5/365]

[Day 5/365]

โ€” 11.58 pm

January 12, 2024 โ€”

Write Your Own Paycheck ๐Ÿšฉ

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What we will cover in today’s newsletter


โ†’ Bedtime stories

โ†’ The framework that prints cash, damn near automatic

โ†’ Tough love (Ignore if you’re soft)

โ†’ If you lack “belief”, finding “belief” is not the answer



Skipping the persuasion sales story


It’s almost midnight and I’ve worked out twice today and got a bike crush.

So I’m going to save you the bedtime stories:

“Imagine if you had 3 wish…

“Imagine if you could make unlimited money…

“Imagine quitting the 9-5 to build a passive income empire OVERNIGHT!”


Btw, this is a great way to sell through pain points,

It’s called: “Twisting the knife”.


The framework that prints cash, damn near automatic

(See what I did there?)


Framework = {Skill} + {Customer} + {Market}


Not any kind of skill, a high paying one.

Not any kind of market, a high leverage one.

Not any kind of customer, a big purchasing power one.


Good examples:

Example = Sales + Investors + Real Estate

Example 2 = Writing + Fortune 500 companies + Tech


Bad examples:

Example 1: Design + Designers + Anyone

Example 2: Marketing + Startups + NFTs


This framework is dumb simple. But your mind is complicated.

Let’s talk about that.


Tough love (ignore If you’re soft)


The problem isn’t that you don’t know how to make money, you do.
The problem isn’t that you don’t know how to find a better market, learn a high paying skill or find a customer with big pockets, you do.


Your problem isn’t about the “problem” itself, It’s about you.

You are the problem.

And you don’t want to fix it.


You don’t sell, and you expect people to buy from you.

You don’t market, and you expect people to know you.

You don’t deliver, and you expect people to refer you.


Fix you โ†’ Fix the problem

Take responsibility for your own shit


Here’s another simple, dumb framework for you:



If you’re toxically weird, in your own skin, never open up, never share, never reach out, never ask for help, never post, never engage, always take things personally, afraid to open up,


Don’t bother learning business skills.

A lot of you people are trying to do this business thing because they want to RUN AWAY FROM PEOPLE.


(If you don’t want to interact with people, what you need is a therapist… Just sayin’)


I love you but you have to hate yourself enough to find yourself. To believe in yourself. To be a man for yourself, as a verb.


If you lack “belief”, Finding “belief” is not the answer



Not my mom, not my ex, not my friends…

But that didn’t matter.

I did it anyways.

I, believed in me.



That definition of belief means that:

“I didn’t believe in myself
In the first place
Until one day I started believing.”


For me, that’s wrong.

I don’t need to believe in myself to do it. I never doubted myself in the first place.

And this is not coming from a place of ego.


That definition of belief didn’t serve me. It restrained me. It limited my potential.

So I created a new definition of belief:

“You become a believer by
Acting as one
Until that
Action reinforces your identity
As the holder of that belief.
Until they become one.”


This new definition applies in all aspect of beliefs (in my life):

Confidence, fate, religion, losing fat, making money, writing everyday, etc.


Use it or make your own definitions.


I think this newsletter is going to teach you more life skills than it’s going to teach you about business or brand.


Till next time,

Your brand conductor.


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โ†’ Save Time. Leverage Skills. Hire Me. Start Yesterday. Make Money (Loss-Free).


Not all heroes wear capes, some wear glasses.

But the conductor wears both.


~ See you traffic ~

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