The Content Gameplan for Businesses in 2024

The Content Gameplan for Businesses in 2024 🚩

– An action plan for making content –

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By Omar El-Takrori | #TheDept Podcast Ep. 16

1) Skill Development

– Focus on improving specific skills like communication and presentation, especially for long-form content.

– Consider training or courses to enhance your content creation capabilities.

– Focus on consistent outputs (like one pod per week), not outcomes.

– Don’t get discouraged by low views initially, focus on the long-term impact.

2) Long-Form Video Content (YouTube)

Post 1 long-form (8+ minutes) video weekly on YouTube.

– Aim for high viewer retention rates, especially on platforms like YouTube, by creating engaging and informative content.

– Monitor the average watch time of your videos to gauge viewer interest.

3) Audio Podcasts

Convert your YouTube videos into audio podcasts.
Aim for 1 to 3 podcast episodes weekly, including the YouTube audio and possibly additional exclusive content.

4) Instagram Content

Post 7 to 10 Instagram Reels per week, derived from your long-form YouTube content.
Share 20 Instagram Stories per week (low-input, high-trust content).

What to share:

  • Behind-the-scenes content.
  • Daily activities (What you’re working on).
  • Business and personal insights.
  • What’s on your mind (POV).
  • Your passions and hobbies.

5) Email Marketing

Send around 5 emails per week.

– Utilize content from your Instagram Reels and YouTube videos for email content.

6) Consistency & Engagement

– Regularly engage with your audience to build a trusted brand.

– Listen to their frustrations, understand their needs, and address each one of them.

– Use their feedback to refine your content strategy.

– Encourage them to share your content to reach a wider audience.

– Express gratitude for their support.

– Foster a sense of community with them by being more active in the DMs, responding to comments, sharing user-generated content, and creating interactive content like polls and Q&A sessions.

– Leverage the 7h rule:

It takes about seven hours for someone to trust you online. That’s about 52 videos with 8 minutes each.

– If your content is of service to others, don’t hesitate to share testimonials.

7) Content Repurposing

– Repurpose content across platforms. For example, use segments from your YouTube videos for Instagram Reels and Stories.

– Utilize AI tools or editing software to create snippets from long-form content for social media posts.

– Contextualize content for each platform to maintain reach and engagement.

– Maintain a consistent posting schedule across all platforms.

8) Analytics and Adaptation

– Regularly review your content performance across platforms.

– Adapt your strategy based on what content performs best in terms of engagement, views, and conversion.

– Make regular improvements (the 1% better rule).

– Experiment with different content formats, such as interviews, tutorials, vlogs, or live streams.

9) Quality and Production

– Use props, whiteboards, or visual aids for explanatory videos.

– Invest in good lighting and simple video editing to enhance your content quality.

Here’s Omar’s master gear list for video production:

10) Monetization Strategies

– Leverage your content for monetization through avenues like Google AdSense on YouTube.

– Consider low-ticket educational offers like online courses or challenges related to your expertise.

– Explore opportunities for brand deals and sponsorships, especially if your content aligns with particular brands or products.

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