Personal Branding Breakdown: From a Child to an Expert

Personal Branding Breakdown: From a Child to an Expert

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In this article, You’ll learn what personal branding is in 7 levels of difficulty.



High School





Level 1: Child / Elementary

Think of personal branding like drawing a self-portrait. You choose colors, clothes, and even the background that you like best. It’s like showing your friends what makes you, you – maybe you love soccer, or you’re great at spelling, or you always help your friends. Personal branding is just like that: showing everyone what you’re good at and what you like.

Level 2: Teen / Middle School

Imagine personal branding as your profile in a social media app or a video game. You pick your best photo, your coolest interests, and share things you’re proud of. It’s like creating an image of yourself that shows what you’re passionate about, your talents, and what makes you different from others. It’s how you want your school friends and others to see and remember you.

Level 3: High School

Personal branding is like preparing for a college interview. You think about how you want to present yourself – what clothes to wear, what achievements and hobbies to talk about. It’s about creating a consistent image of who you are, what you stand for, and what your goals are. It’s how you make an impression on others, like teachers and future employers, based on your strengths and interests.

Level 4: College Student

Personal branding involves strategically building your image and reputation in preparation for your career. It’s about understanding your unique skills and values, and effectively communicating them through your appearance, behavior, online presence, and networking. It’s not just about making a good impression; it’s about setting the stage for your professional path, differentiating yourself from others in internships, projects, and job interviews.

Level 5: Grad Student

At the graduate level, personal branding becomes more about establishing yourself in a specific field. It involves developing a niche or specialization and using platforms like LinkedIn, academic conferences, and publications to communicate your expertise and research interests. It’s about networking with professionals and academics in your field, and starting to build a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable individual in your area of study.

Level 6: PhD Student

For a PhD student, personal branding is about becoming a thought leader in your specific area of research. It involves not only expertise in your field but also contributing new knowledge through your research. Your personal brand is built through publishing papers, attending and speaking at conferences, and networking with other experts. It’s about being recognized as a go-to person for specific topics or problems in your field.

7: Expert Level

Personal branding is about being a key person of influence and authority in your industry. It involves a deep understanding of not just your own area of expertise, but also how it fits into larger trends and issues. Your personal brand is established through a combination of advanced research, publication in top-tier journals, speaking engagements at high-level conferences, and a strong online presence. It’s about shaping the discourse in your field and being at the forefront of new ideas and innovations.

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