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Today’s email is a purposeful collaboration between the Misfit Way and the founder of Peoplepreneur, Anks Patel.

Don’t get trapped!

They say invest in your personal brand…

Hey, Champion, don’t get me wrong.

Personal branding is becoming an accepted form of credibility, but the understanding is skewed.

Many haven’t built a personal brand; They’ve only built a perceptive brand.

It’s the side effect of a rushed need towards significance.

Here’s an overlooked FACT.

The top influencers you ultimately look up to haven’t invested a dollar on “personal brand.”

Think about it! Gary V, Richard Branson, Scott Harrison, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, you know many more.

On observation, you’ll realize they’re congruently themselves.

You’ve heard the term, “Success leaves clues…” Could people be looking at the wrong clue?

They’re focusing on material wealth, popularity, or social following, all nice-to-haves, but focusing only on these results hinders our path.

That’s why the landscape of personal brand on social media is all about tactics, not mechanics.

Personal Brand: It’s called personal for a reason; it’s personal to YOU.

The clue is becoming more of you, being in your highest form, because nobody can take that away from you or be subject to monetary value.

Shift your thinking towards Personal Identity.

The identity you’re nurturing will determine how you show up everywhere.

More importantly, gravitate opportunities and synchronicities to you.

You may be blocking all that is meant for you in short-sightedness.

That’s why I’m investing myself toward that goal: Effectiveness.

Nobody will ever know how connected your inner is; Everything on the outside is open to interpretation.

We may fool others, but we’ll never fool ourselves.

Humbly, Anks.

On a lighter note,

We are working on a 3-hour workshop at £300 to help 10 lost leaders rethink purpose and how it can represent them in their lives.

If you feel like your purpose isn’t purposeful.

If you lack that inner alignment.

If you need clarity & direction to forge a path forward.

This workshop might just be for you.

Sign up for the waitlist below to be the first to know when it’s live:

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Next Tuesday 9am EST,

I’m hosting an Audio Room on LinkedIn with the community.

The only expectation is to come if you want to make new friends,

No pitching.

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Till next week,

Your misfit friend.

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