It’s been a rough couple of months for me.

You know.

Health wise:

From one pain to the other.

– Neck pain
– Back pain
– Hemorrhoids pain
– Sleep deprivation
– Weight imbalance

Address the root cause:

– Fix the mobility
– Fix the ergonomics
– Fix your diet
– Move more
– Drink more water
– Exercise more
– Phone & screen less

Financial wise:

– 0 clients
– Stuck
– 1 client
– Stuck
– 2 clients
– Stuck

Stuck less,
Slow increments,
Address the root cause:

– Better offer
– Acquire more skills
– Do work for free
– Do your research
– Talk to your customers
– Keep doing what’s working

The only thing that’s constant is:

If there’s one takeaway it’s this:

The pain of success and progress is that.

But as with all matters of pain,
Time heals almost everything.

One word:

Consistency isn’t measured in days,
It’s measured in decades.

Be patient and every mental, physical, and financial pain will heal.

See you in traffic.

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