The Million Dollar Weekend by NOAH KAGAN

1) Create a rejections goal

Rework the framing of the word rejection as a challenge or a goal to achieve.

“The illusion of eventual pain that you associate with taking that risk — What if you’re judged or look foolish, or it doesn’t work — That’s a straitjacket on your potential.”

I will not stop until I get a 100 NO’s.

The 100-day challenge:

  • Send 100 DMs.
  • Make 100 content.
  • Create 100 videos.
  • Workout 100 times.

Whatever you put yourself to,

Do it 100 times,

Before you even think about stopping.

Then if you get rejected,

Ask “why” or “why not”.

Get “feedback”


“Improve” 100 times again.

2) Create an experimentation

Business ≠ Step-by-step, full-proof, 100% success, guaranteed strategy

Business = Experimentation

Experimentation = Trial & Error over a period of time

Give the experiment enough of a chance before declaring it a total failure.


By allowing yourself to make the wrong decision.

Wrong decisions are better than NO decision.

Wrong decisions redirect you to make the right decision.

3) Validate BEFORE you build

Market “validation” is non-negotiable.

It’s deadly to build a business without first verifying that there are paying customers in your niche.

Validation is finding 3 customers in 48h

who will give you money for your idea.

“A business launch is not based on perfecting a business plan, but on talking to potential customers and finding what they are excited to give you money for.” – Noah Kagan

Can you find 3 people in 48h?

Can you find if you can help them?

Can you find if they can give you money for it?

If you score a 3/3…

4) Make an offer

Create the simplest version of what you validated and sell that immediately.

“You’ll never sell a thing if you can’t face another person and ask for what you want.”

Only by asking,

You receive what you want.

No ask,

No get.

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