Make Your Own Luck [Day 6/365]

[Day 6/365]

January 13, 2024

11.44 pm

Make Your Own Luck [Day 6/365] 🏴

You can’t fail with this way of thinking (+ an insider into my daily writing system)

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How I’m going to make my own “luck” as a Misfit writer







Definition (luck?)

What is luck?

It’s not a coincidence, that’s not a helpful definition.


Luck is a long-term, unconditional commitment, and key for success.

With this definition in mind,

Let’s start making our own luck.


Luck can’t strike without a clear goal.

My goal for this year is to write for as long as possible every single day.

This is not an external-outcome-based goal. It’s internal.

My goal is to earn my own self-respect, and that leads up to earning yours.

This is pure therapy.

This is pure craft.

This is pure love of the game.

This is putting the reps in.

This is my way of teaching and adding value to the world.

This is a season of experimentation and figuring shit out.

If money, fame, SEO, brand, and status come with it. They are earned.

If not. I don’t care.

What is your lucky goal?


Do something most people won’t dare to do.
Do something even yourself won’t dare to do.

Write for 365 days on a row!

I’ve reversed engineer many successful creators out there and here’s their success formula:

Creator success = Do something hard for a very long time.

Do that “thing” for that “long” and luck will strike.


Luck won’t sell for you.

You need to sell your “thing” for luck to find you.

Who to sell to?

  • Yourself — Every single day, especially on the days you don’t feel like showing up.
  • Your readers — If you commit to giving them value, they will commit to sharing it with others
  • Your future readers — Find them, take care of them, and they’ll build your brand when you’re asleep
Build — Sell — Deliver — Repeat


The pain of discipline or the pain of regret?

“We must all suffer from one of two pains:
The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” — Jim Rohn

Ask yourself the hard question:

What will you need to let go for this goal to have the space to be achieved?

For me, It’s:

  • Social media time
  • Content creation on other platforms and in other formats
  • Less clients
  • Less sleep


What’s your process of execution?

How can you deliver things fast, good, and on time?

You need:

  • An idea of execution.
  • Time blocked on your day to go from idea to concrete.
  • Tools to help you do it repeatedly at scale.

Here’s my writing system leaked (process of execution):

1) Idea

This is the beauty of this process.

  • Go for a walk
  • Watch a podcast
  • Think
  • Ask around
  • Read
  • Play

Good ideas always come from unexpected places!

Once you are wired with the obsession of coming up with an idea on what to write about for the day.

Trust me, ideas will flow like madness!

The hard part is to choose which one to go deep on.

What I like to do is to write all those ideas out and see if they can all fall into one them or category, that will be the letter.

Oh, and remember, perfect doesn’t exist.

2) Time

You only have 24h.

Pick 1h to write (and stick to that 1h window).

Experiment with different times during the day.

I usually like to write when it’s super quiet.

Early in the morning, or late at night.

3) Tools

For redistribution

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Use what you have.

here’s my tech stack:

  • Write, publish, and templatize on: Convertkit. (sometimes in Typeshare).
  • Repost to: Medium, Substack, Blog.
  • Change the format to a twitter thread: Chirrapp
  • Change the format to a carousel for LinkedIn: Typeshare
  • Grammar: I ditched Grammarly for the Language Tool extension
  • Images: ChatGPT (the writing is all me 99% of the time)

4) AI Prompts (BONUS)

For designing my covers

P.S. You will need GPT 4 (paid) for this to work.

Prompt #1 — Misfit Feel

“Create a 1920 by 1080 image with a sophisticated, minimalistic, and high-end design. The image should feature bold, white typography on a sleek black background. The text should be [insert your specific text here], presented in an elegant and polished font style. The background should be simple yet impactful, with subtle, premium icons or symbols that represent the theme of the text (e.g., a refined silhouette or a luxurious briefcase). The overall aesthetic should be professional and clean, emphasizing luxury, precision, and minimalist sophistication. The design should look as if it has been crafted by a top-tier designer.”

Prompt #2 — Generate a creative block mood

P.S. Switch the word blank canvas with anything or word you want to design

“Create a hyper-realistic, high-quality black and white image that encapsulates the profound mood of a creative block. The central focus of the scene is the phrase ‘[YOUR CUSTOM TEXT]’ spelled correctly, to symbolize the struggle and nuances of making money online. The setting should be minimalistic, retro, and vintage, providing a backdrop that complements the theme without overshadowing the primary focus.

Key elements to include:

  • A single light source that dimly lights the room, casting detailed shadows and highlights specifically on the phrase. This should create a stark contrast with the darker surroundings and emphasize the texture of the focal point.
  • Subtle art supplies that resonate with the theme but remain unobtrusive.
  • An overall serene, introspective, and predominantly dark atmosphere to reflect the process and challenges associated with online income generation.
  • The use of black and white tones should add a timeless quality and intensify the feelings of depth, isolation, and introspection associated with a creative block.

The balance between starkness and rich vintage details is crucial, evoking a sense of solitude and contemplation. The final image should not only adhere to these specifications but also bring out an emotional response resonant with the struggles and solitude of creative work.”

To Recap

For luck to strike, you need a:

  1. Definition
  2. Goal
  3. Action
  4. Vision
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Execution

Now go make your own luck.

See you tomorrow,

Your misfit friend.

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