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Think: Reading a book with no ending,

Think: Reading a biography with no name –

Delusional Patience

The 1 Thing

On Visualization

On Extraordinary Difference

On Obsession

On Pain

On Reputation

On Consistency

On Community

On Art

On Stamina

On Air (2023) Jordan

On Nike’s Principles

On Personal Brand

On Misfit

On Delusional Patience

Delusional patience means that you will fail a lot and might die trying.

Delusional patience means that there’s no plan B.

“Even the presence of a plan B can reduce your motivation to a plan A.” Steven Bartlett

It’s being a comedian and not getting laughed at your jokes but you keep on improvising.

It’s being a YouTuber and not getting views on your videos but you keep on creating.

It’s being a marketer and not growing on social media but you keep on posting.

It’s being a runner and failing to win the race but you keep on running.

It’s being a public speaker and forgetting your words on stage but you keep on

Delusional patience is showing up despite all the odds.

Delusional patience is being “normal” to everybody else’s “crazy”.

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On The 1 Thing

I’m getting more obsessed with watching the behind-the-scenes of big creators like Chris Williamson and Steven Bartlett so that I can learn more about their process of work. And dare I say, their obsessions.

“I don’t run a marathon because I want to cross the finish line, I run a marathon because I love running.” Casey Neistat
“I choose podcasting as a career, not because of the fame or money that’s attached to it, but because I want to have interesting conversations with high-quality people.” — Chris Williamson

His 1 thing: Being the number 1 podcaster in the world, was not about him, it was about his vicious curiosity of learning from others and putting them “as” the spotlight.

Since most of his time is dedicated to this one obsession,

He can focus on better preparing for his podcasts,

He can focus on better lighting, audio, and video setups,

He can focus on better Venus for his guests,

He can focus on better pre and post editing of the podcast,

He can focus on better speeches for guest invites,

He can focus on better pitches for sponsors.

You can’t compete with someone like this if podcasting is not your main obsession.

This is so powerful.

Most people half-ass their workouts and then complain why they can’t be like David Goggins.

Most people half-ass their writing and then complain why they don’t write like Winston Churchill.

Most people half-ass their education and then complain why they aren’t making good grades at school.

Most people half-ass their parenting and then complain why their kids aren’t behaving.

Most people half-ass their books and then complain why they aren’t an Amazon best-seller.

Think of all the greatest players of all time:

Kobe, Jordan, Ronaldo, Curry.

What do they all have in common?

An obsession.

You need to be good, to be great.


You need to obsess, to be exceptional.

What’s your 1 thing?

On Visualization

“Live in your own f**king world.

This is a race that you run completely alone.

Go one day without lying to yourself.

Judge yourself against yourself.

You work best alone.

You are nothing. But you have a gift to turn nothing into something.

Go into the dark room. Face who you are. Create someone else who can walk out of that dark room. Reborn.” – David Goggins

On Extraordinary Difference

Do things like no one else can. Say things like no one else says. Make things like no one else makes.

Do things no one will ever do.

Say things no one will ever say.

See things no one will ever see.

Make things no one will ever make.

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Don’t aim for better, don’t just aim for different. Extraordinary is the way.

Don’t settle for good. Be the greatest.

Don’t follow standards when you can create them.

Don’t follow a “want to be” when you are the “meant to be”.

Be nothing but extraordinary.

Be a 0/1.

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On Obsession

“Obsession is the opposite of discipline.

The true obsessed don’t force themselves to start.

They force themselves to quit.” — Zach Pagrob

“You’ll never understand what’s wrong with me and I’m glad you don’t.” — David Goggins

On Pain

The price of success is pain.

Pain is real. Success is fake.

Fail is pain. Pain is gain.

Pain is the sacrifice for the reward of success.

Success doesn’t teach you anything about yourself or the world.

You learn NOTHING from success. You learn YOURSELF from pain.

Pain is where you meet your demons. Success is when you shut them off.

Pain is delayed gratification for instant success.

Pain teaches what success preaches.

The price of success is pain.

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On Reputation

This is for all of you with no personal brand.

With 0 followers. 0 friends. 0 kids.

With no board to tell you what to do. No audience with expectations. No fans waiting at your doorstep.

You have nothing to lose.

You can be whoever you want to be.

A rockstar, a filmmaker, a stand-up comedian, a scientist, a farmer, a movie star, a basketball player, a dancer, a runner, a real-life superhero.

You can be the greatest of all time or the greatest nobody. But you have to choose.

To create yourself from scratch.

To play like you could never lose.

To win like failure doesn’t even exist.

What would you want people to say about you when you are not in the room?

Who would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Be “it”. Create your monster. Learn to tape it later.

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On Consistency

Search your soul.

Keep going.

Not because you want to,

Keep going.

Because you deserve to know.

What NOT giving up on yourself FEELS like.

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On Community

Moments that happened behind closed doors.

It costs nothing to love someone. It costs nothing to make them feel less alone. It costs someone to care.

Reply to this email with “community” if you want to join the
Misfit Way community discussions.

5 friends, 1 dream:

This got me so inspired that I started considering what working with Creator Camp would look like. (and no this is not sponsored but if you know them or know someone who works there, I’d love to see where the wind takes).

On Art

Rick Rubin was asked on a podcast if he considers the audience when doing art:

“No, I don’t consider them at all.

The audience comes last.

I’m not making it for them. I’m making it for me.

It turns out that when you make something truly for yourself, you’re doing the best thing you possibly can for the audience.

Big movies are just not good. They are not made by a person who cares about it. They are made by people who are trying to make something that they think someone else is going to like.

That’s not art. That’s commerce.” Rick Rubin

On Stamina

If you want to fix your sleep, stop using your phone at night.

If you want to go to bed early, stop drinking coffee.

If you want to wake up early, stop drinking coffee.

If you want to overcome the afternoon slap, stop drinking coffee.

If you want to avoid hard crushes, stop drinking coffee.

If you want to have more energy, take a nap.

If you want to be healthy, stop eating sugar.

If you want to be healthy, make it your obsession. Measure everything.

If you want to be healthy, drink at least 3L of water per day.

If you want to be healthy, do full-body workouts.

Don’t think in days, think in number of push-ups, pull-ups, muscle-ups, and squats you make.

If you want to stop neck & back pain, be your own medic. Fix your environment. Sit ergonomically. Work standing. Do back workouts. Use ointment (for bone massage).

If you want to avoid having hemorrhoids (piles), walk more. Exercise often. Eat high-fiber nutrition (Fruits, Grains, Lettuce, Lentils, Seeds, Apples, Bananas, Broccoli, Brown rice). Buy a new bike saddle. Don’t cycle when you have them.

This is what I documented from biking the past 5 months.

Without exaggeration, I have probably done 1000km more this year that went off the record.

It’s mental stamina that keeps me going.

My muscles adapt to the level of how much I can break my mind.

Mental stamina creates physical endurance that creates the ultimate stamina of life.

To be unstoppable. To face life heads on. To do the hard things and to enjoy doing them.

2024 will be the madman season. For the obsessed.

On Air (Jordan) 2023

I have the honor (and permission) to announce my contribution to writing this personal brand masterclass from the iconic movie “Air” for a client of mine.

“He doesn’t wear the shoe, He is the shoe. The shoe is him.” — Sonny Vaccaro
“A shoe is just a shoe until somebody steps into it. Then it has meaning. The rest of us just want a chance to touch that greatness. We need you in these shoes not so you have meaning in your life, but so that we have meaning in ours.” — Sonny

One person turned a company into a brand.

One person turned a name into “Nike”.

One person turned Nike into a feeling of athletic prestige and pop culture in fashion & sports —

All thanks to a guy who didn’t even have a title at the company,

Who was always misunderstood,

Who had work that was hard to put on a resume.

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On Nike’s principles

  1. Our business is change
  2. We’re on offense. All the time.
  3. Break the rules: fight the law.
  4. This is as much about battle as about business.
  5. Make sure people keep their promises. Push yourselves push others. Stretch the possible.
  6. Live off the land.
  7. Your job isn’t done until the job is done.
  8. Dangers

    • Bureaucracy.
    • Personal ambition.
    • Energy takers vs. energy givers.
    • Knowing our weaknesses.
    • Don’t get too many things on the platter.
  9. It won’t be pretty.
  10. If we do the right things we’ll make money damn near automatic.

On Personal Brand

Don’t build a personal brand if you’re afraid.

If you’re afraid of saying what you think.

If you’re afraid of getting fired.

If you’re afraid of getting judged.

If you’re afraid of getting canceled.

Operating your personal brand from a place of fear is the fastest way to make your fears come true.

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On Misfit

“Misfits are not born or made, they make themselves.”
— James Dyson (via Founders Podcast #300)

WEIRD acronym by Kevin Moreau:

  • Wonderful
  • Exciting
  • Intriguing
  • Real
  • Different
  • Misfit

MISFIT acronym (pick your flavor, love your curse):

  • Magnificent / Magician / Marvelous
  • Intellectual
  • Sassy / Sage / Savage / Stoic
  • Fearless
  • Imperfect / Impactful
  • Tenacious / Turbulent

Be weird, Be a misfit

Nobody owes you shit, make it happen for yourself.

Till next time,

Your misfit friend.

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