If you struggle to post consistently… [Letter 12/365]

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[Letter 12/365]

โ€” March 12, 2024

โ€” 1 pm

If you struggle to post consistently…

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I have a client (which I love & respect) who is struggling to post consistently on LinkedIn,

Even though heโ€™s paying for my ghostwriting services on a monthly basis,

And he has a bank of content that he can just copy-paste and share in seconds.

And no, Itโ€™s not what you think.

Itโ€™s not because of the quality of the content, He loves my work, and he has gotten a couple of clients from it already.

At first, I thought it was because he didnโ€™t have a good system to post the content, so I suggested the following:

1- To use a third-party tool like Taplio to post and manage the content for him

2- To have access to his account and then schedule all the content using LinkedInโ€™s native feature.

3- To book 1h of his week on Zoom together, to schedule all the content.

And silly me, I thought that would do it.

But it wasnโ€™t the case.



So after having some back and forth conversations with him,

I realized it wasnโ€™t the content that was causing the issue to begin with.

It was a lifestyle change.

My client was no longer interested in building his personal brand in the niche that he was serving anymore.

It was no longer fulfilling and purposeful.

His focused has changed.

His life has changed.

And so should his personal brand.

I have experienced this at least 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years.

And let me tell you, itโ€™s no joke.

You get used to not showing up and posting because your life has changed.

And you think that the people who follow you are following you because of your work or past niche.

And thatโ€™s where I think heโ€™s wrong.

Especially when building a โ€œpersonalโ€ brand.

People follow you because of who you are as a person. Not just as a brand.

People want to see you grow and they want to see your story develop.

So why end it with silence after years and years of working not just on your brand but also on YOURSELF!?

Think about it.

You have worked so hard to build this great asset which is โ€œyouโ€ and now youโ€™re letting it all go?

Donโ€™t do that to yourself. Donโ€™t limit your potential. Donโ€™t block your opportunities.

If you truly want to build a limitless personal brand, it must stand the test of time.

And the only way to do that is by:

  • Building and selling your story again & again
  • Painting the path for generations to come
  • Creating a new version of yourself

My advice to all of you who are struggling to get back on track because of a lifestyle change:

Give yourself a kick in the horses and go back at it again.

Share the new you!

Show your transformation.

Donโ€™t hide your talent.

Let it be! And whoever cross your way is always meant to be.



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Till next time,

Your brand conductor.



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