If information was all you need, why aren’t you successful?

If information was all you need, why aren’t you successful?

If ChatGPT can give you all the answers,

If AI can do/automate everything for you,

If these sales emails can make money for you,

If a degree was all you needed to get your dream job,

If you can figure things out on your own,

If you don’t need someone to tell you what to do,

If you don’t need that course, community, or coaching,

If you don’t need to read more books.

Then why aren’t you:

  • Rich
  • Lucky
  • 6-packed
  • Successful
  • Articulated
  • Happy

Pause for a second,

And tell me why.

I’ll give you a clue

I do agree that indeed you can figure out things on your own,

but how long will it take?


Most people don’t associate value with their time.

If it takes you 50 years to get your first client,

That’s 1000x more expensive than if you spend $1000 to get your first client in 1 month per say.

Here’s the 2nd clue

Generic “me-too” content is everywhere, but custom, tailor-fit content “for you only” is scarce.

Not all information is useful or actionable,

Not all information is designed with your best interest in mind,

Not all information can be applied.

If you don’t have a filtering system, you’re doomed.

Here’s a 3rd clue

Knowledge is everywhere, but self-knowledge is scarce.

To not be a commodity is to only be yourself.

But if you don’t take the time to discover who you are,

and what makes you unique,

Your talent will be a gift well-wasted.



Here’s a 4th clue

Not believing you can make it is exactly why you can’t.

You are getting in your own way.

You’ve developed a resistible mindset.

Here’s a 5th clue

You are a lonely wolf. You walk alone.

You’ve swallowed the idea of those multi-millionaires who told that:

“The path to success is a lonely path.”

That’s some of the most BS piece of advice I’ve ever heard on the internet.

We are social creatures,

We used to gather in tribes to be safe, to hunt for food, and to grow our clan.

That idea never changed! It only developed in modern-day communities.

If you’re not part of a community with like-minded people, shared practices, and beliefs, you’re doomed.

Here’s your final clue:

You like to getting stuck in your own head.

I forget who the author of this quote is, but he lays it out beautifully:

“You question every belief you have, only the ones you truly believe, those you don’t tend to question.”

In other words, You can’t see or connect the dots.

But your EGO is too big to ask for help.

Therefore, no coach, therapist, or consultant can help you if you don’t give yourself permission to be helped.

Help me, help you.

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