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Identity Change Masterclass 🏴

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Promise: You will learn 4 easy to hard ways to change your identity.

What we will cover in today’s newsletter

1) Power of will

2) Environment change

3) Identity change

4) Necessity

“I’m an introvert, How I’m I going to sell?”

“I’m not a creative, How I’m I going to make content?”

“I’m not a manager, How I’m I going to lead a team?”

“I’m a writer, How I’m I going to make films?”


You are a human being.

You are capable of way more.

You can be whoever you want to be.

You can be creative and sell — Chris Do

You can be introverted and lead a spaceship team — Elon Musk

You can be a doctor and make YouTube videos — Ali Abdal


I’m not going to stop here.

It’s not enough to just hear these words.

Here’s how change really happens in 4 ways.

1. Power of will

If you don’t believe you can change, you won’t.

Change doesn’t come from thin air.

It comes from believing it’s possible FOR YOU to change.

It comes from making a conscious decision to change.

It comes from acting on your decision to change.

It comes from silencing the noise that is in the way of hearing your voice of change.

2. Change in the environment

Take that jump

Have that flight

Make that proposal

Build that business

Move to that city

Run that race

Eat that shit

3. Change in identity

To be so sick with yourself that you no longer stand being in your own skin.

So what do you do? Everything in your power to change.

You go to war with yourself,

And comeback a completely different person. Reborn.

Don’t expect a fight without a scar.

Battle marks are a first-hand witness of a warrior’s change.

4. Necessity

Sometimes we live in someone else’s book that we forget to write our own.

Sometimes we need a heartbreak to break our way through.

Sometimes the greatest lessons in life are the people that left it without a goodbye…

You never want to lose your father, mother, wife, husband… But sometimes you need it to grow.

This is God’s way of giving you a chance to start over. To be who you were meant to be.

This is God’s way of building life muscles:

Resilience, Independence, Wisdom, Freedom.

As with all matters of muscle,

It takes pain to grow.


I took this example to extreme reality to showcase the point that maybe I’m also writing what’s on my mind.

For me, for myself to heal my wounds…

I’m terrified of the idea of losing my mom… And I think writing about this extreme example somehow give me some comfort. And probably some tears.

5. Asking for help

(Coaching, therapy, religion, community, etc.)

None of the above paths are easy.

They’re going to rip you off and tear you down, day-in and day-out.

Unless, you ask for help.

Loneliness is the hot addiction of the 2000s century.

Don’t be trapped into thinking that you have to go through change alone. You don’t.

Life was not designed to be lived alone, That’s why there are people on it.

The internet has connected us in ways that makes us feel apart…

But I hope this message connects you in ways,
The internet could never break apart.

(Thanks, Chris Do & Leila Hormozi for inspiring this post).

Till next time,

Your misfit friend.

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