I Helped a Personal Branding Client Make $4k in 2 Weeks

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Time: 15 – 20 minutes
Goal: Teach you to be paid to be yourself
Goal 2: Teach you more about self-respect than any self-help book out there

How I Helped a Personal Branding Client Make $4000 AUD in 2 Weeks 🏴

– Full process revealed –

What we will cover in today’s newsletter

Promise land

What was I hired for

The client’s personal brand

The real work it takes for a PB to make that kind of $$$

The 4k strategic process

What most gurus won’t tell you

You are 20 push-ups away from making $4000

First things first,

You need to understand the context of this relationship since it might not apply to everyone, And not all potential clients reading this can generate the same results.

Promise land

I didn’t promise the client a financial ROI.

I didn’t explicitly say: “I will give you more clients”.

I learned this the hard way: “Don’t promise what you can’t guarantee.”

I can control the quality of my work,

I can control the value inputs,

I can control the words I write.


I can’t control how much money it generates,

I can’t control how people respond to my writing,

I can’t control who it attracts (although I can influence it),

And I can’t control the sales/lead gen process.

Don’t promise what you can’t control.

What was I hired for then?

→ To serve as a personal brand mentor who helps with:

A) Thought leadership content that demonstrates the client’s expertise

B) Strategic frameworks & processes that help the client position his personal brand as an executive thought leader in his space

C) Long-term brand companionship

In the client’s words: “I want you to help me ZAG where everybody else is ZIGGING”

This came very naturally to me since personal branding is a passion, a hobby, and a paid skill that I can leverage for myself and for others.

  • I spent years honing my craft until it became second nature
  • I spent years studying the industry (topic of interest)
  • I spent years understanding & researching my niche
  • I spent years building & leveraging my personal brand

This is not an overnight success.

The client has a strong and successful personal brand himself!

Before he reached out to me,

He had already done the work of building a strong personal brand for the niche he wanted to serve in.

He had a strong reputation. He had a strong presence. He had a big audience filled with the RIGHT TARGET AUDIENCE.

He was 80% through the finish line, I only served as a guide who helped him cross the last 20% of the way.

In other words,

He was a qualified client who had a HIGH POTENTIAL SUCCESS rate to achieve his desired outcome.

All I had to do was set up a system for him to reach his goal.

Now that you understand the context of the situation,

Here’s the process/system that we used to sign a $4k client.

$4,000 AUD Strategic Process

A) My end of the bargain:

To provide/help with:

  • Weekly personalized scripts/frameworks for the client to use when making video content
  • Calls to action that are a conversation starter
  • Notion portal for client management
  • Business recommendations for the client’s offer(s) & overall brand health
  • LinkedIn (profile) positioning

B) His end of the bargain:

  • Making the best videos he can using those frameworks/scripts
  • Investing in good quality audio, studio, and editing
  • Delivering the message with confidence & authenticity
  • Adding his own style to it: Authority, Humour, Signature Words, Etc.

That’s it! That’s what we did on the front end to sign him a $4k AUD client.

But I know you are not here for the highlight reel,
You want to see the back-end vehicle,
You want the secret sauce,
You want the behind-the-scenes.

Stay tuned for part 2!




Joking, here’s part 2.

Buckle up! This is where most personal brands get things wrong.

They hit the “Publish & Vanish” button and think that their first video will:

Go viral -> get people to reach out -> like you -> check your website -> trust you -> purchase from you ON AUTOPILOT

That’s a funnel for fouls and a recipe for disaster


In the living reality:

Your first videos might only get people to know that you exist

It’s your job to get them to engage with you (Hence the call to action)

It’s your job to lead them to the next step

It’s your job to start a conversation

It’s your job to build rapport and add value (BEFORE you sell anything)

It’s your job to have a process in place

It’s your job to qualify them and work with the right types of clients

It’s your responsibility to help them,

Even if helping them means to let them go.

Sorry to disappoint you but running a business takes actual* work.

If you want a “get-rich-quick” go read some fancy-designed LinkedIn carousels on how to make money.

This is only for those who want to get rich for sure and cross the paths less traveled.

Going back to the story

After he posted those videos,

He started gaining a lot of attention on LinkedIn and 3 potential leads reached out to him.

The video spoke to them and they wanted to know more.

That’s where the real magic happened,

My client had a 7-step framework on how to convert leads from the DMs:

  1. Building report
  2. Lead wanting to know more
  3. 15-min fit check/discovery call
  4. Asking questions to understand needs & wants
  5. Asking for permission to present his offer
  6. Going through objections
  7. Closing the deal

But that’s not enough.

You can’t sail with a sinking ship.

You can’t have great marketing and a great sales process WITHOUT A GREAT PRODUCT.

Imagine if after all this time, effort, and sacrifice that the client went through on his journey of:

  • Hiring talent
  • Making & marketing the videos
  • Creating a sales process
  • Developing a funnel
  • Creating lead magnets

And not having an actual good product or skill that solves a real problem in the client’s life/business?

What a waste of time, energy, talent, and resources.

But my client was smart,

He knew he needed to figure that out before he hired me.

He had all of these fundamental puzzle pieces in place:

  • A good offer
  • A presentation that goes with it
  • A website portfolio
  • A 7-step process to go through the funnel
  • A customer journey map
  • A well-defined target audience
  • A practice/service that actually solves a problem
  • Social Proof & Case Studies
  • Sales fundamentals
  • Confidence in his work
  • Undoubted belief in success, followed by unmatched work dedication
  • Vision foresight
  • Years of personal brand-building
  • Lazor-focus on adding value to others
  • LinkedIn influence & presence
  • Unique style of communication
  • Public speaking skills

And that’s why he successfully closed a $4,000 AUD client.

Not JUST because of the videos

Not JUST because of the 7-step framework

Not JUST because of the marketing funnel

Not JUST because of the sales process

Not JUST because of a good product

But because of the whole ecosystem COMBINED.

That’s what the social media gurus don’t tell you!


But most of y’all are lazy.

Most of y’all hide behind your screens.

Most of y’all are afraid to make connections.

Most of y’all are insecure and afraid of making content.

Most of y’all went everything served to you with a silver plate.

Most of y’all are small business owners because you think small, and your actions are even smaller.

Most of y’all don’t treat yourself with the same respect you give to your clients.

You don’t consider yourself as a client;

When in fact, you are the biggest client you have.

It’s up to you whether you want to make yourself an ideal/dream client or make yourself a toxic client from hell.


Give me 20 PUSH-UPS right now!!

20-push ups of action taking.

MAKE A DO-or-Die LIST OF 20 THINGS to do for your business.

You don’t need an instruction manual.

You don’t need me to tell you what to do.

You already know exactly the 20 things that get the job done.

Don’t be procrastination’s favorite bit*h.

GO and DO them.

CROSS that list, one item after the other.

No one respects someone who with no self-respect.

Earn your own self-respect for once.

And you’ll be amazed how many people will respect you for that.

Master yourself, and the world will be yours.

(Or hire me and I’ll make you commit with sweat, tears, and push-ups to make your personal brand successful).

Did I deliver on my promise of:

Teaching you to have more self-respect and get paid to be yourself?

If so, I earned the right to pitch you.

If not, Ignore the rest of this email.

One final thought:

Copying my exact process is less likely to work for you,

This is just good information but it’s not personalized for your specific case.

So If you want me to help you create a custom personal brand operating system (OS) that is actionable and personalized for your specific business.

You’re one message away from transitioning as a “best-kept secret” to “no longer having to introduce yourself”.

If you Need a Sign, This is It

SMB*500 – Start. Make. Believe. 500x in Yourself

Till next time,

Your misfit friend.

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What’s next?

  • Purpose series with a purposeful workshop.
  • Community events
  • Meaningful connections in our LI group chat
  • A new bike?

Stay tuned,

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