How to get rich on LinkedIn without being consistent in 3 simple steps

It’s so hard to run an online business with just content creation & moonshot consistency.

→ Revenue is unpredictable

→ Audience is hard to grow

→ Algorithm changes

→ Online businesses are fake

→ Niche / market crashes

→ Trust and reputation are hard to build

The list of excuses goes on…

Yet you find those same people who are in your same shoes, or worse fitted:

→ Make money online

→ Get customers

→ Build brand

→ Do their thing

→ Stay on niche

→ Be trusted online

And you just can’t figure out how they do it.

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Let me tell you, It’s no luck, or magic.


Intentional Business Practice > Blind Marketing Consistency

There is only 1 way to get rich on LinkedIn:

By being a creator (of any type) who can market his skills (at any level), and can establish thought-leadership (with some expertise).

I hate to say this,

I know you’ve heard it a million times,

But you need a sustainable plan to get there.

Don’t worry,

I’ll show you how simple this can be:

1) Know what you want:

  • To get freelance clients
  • To get a high-paying job
  • To make passive income
  • To build a brand / be known
  • To reach a purpose / make an impact

Let’s pick getting freelance clients as a goal.

2) Know how to get there:

  • Monday: Post a client testimonial
  • Tuesday: Sell your offer in the DMs
  • Wednesday: Record a video showcasing your skills
  • Friday: Share a before/after story of yourself or a client
  • Saturday: Promote a lead magnet 🧲 and grow your list

3) Do what it takes:

  • 3 months of posting
  • Conduct research
  • Talk to actual potential customers
  • Test the niche / offer / product
  • Analyze and double-down
  • Bottleneck management
  • Document, improve, iterate, repurpose

Content can only do so much!

It’s a door opener,

A party invite,

But without the main dish,

Without the main character,

Without the main vehicle,

You will not succeed.

There you have it.

A full blueprint on getting started as an online business owner.

Now if you want a customized action plan with a content creation flywheel that is fully personalized to your specific business goal that includes:

  • Strategy document
  • Notion content templates
  • Sales-based offer posts
  • Niche research
  • LinkedIn content training
  • Copy that attracts & converts clients
  • A custom GPT trained on your brand

All of this within your brand tone of voice,

Please reply to this email.

Or schedule a WhatsApp chat with me (not a Zoom call) from my company’s website at Brand Orchestrate.

Let’s build your brand your way 🏴

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