[FIRST NAME GOES HERE], Your time will come.

Reader, Your time will come.

1 follower at a time.

1 newsletter subscriber at a time.

1 customer at a time.

1 post at a time.

1 partnership at a time.

1 goal at a time.

It will happen.

God has his plans for you.

Luck will strike.

You will get noticed.

But only when you’re ready.

This whole journey builds you as a person.


Trust in yourself that you will make it.

Take it from an only child without a father figure.

Take it from someone without family love & support.

Take it from someone living in an undeveloped country without privileges.

Take it from someone who’s a socially awkward introvert.

Take it from a misfit nobody who made it to/as a gifted somebody.

You are one step away from changing your life forever.

Don’t lose hope on yourself.

You got this.

Keep going.

I still can’t believe this.

It feels like Euphoria. It feels like a Lucid dream.

Me… building a brand online!

Me… Making money… my way? Doing my thing?

Me… Who was doubting himself his whole life, now inspiring and empowering people to change their lives?!!!

Me the misfit! Me the awkward in his skin! Me the shy shadow !

This is absurd to me.

Amine, the 17 year old you: “IM SO F*CKING PROUD OF YOU. YOU MADE IT!!!”

Amine, the 60 year old you: “You are just getting started kid. Keep going. I can’t wait for you to fail and get up again and become stronger. Don’t let this life change who you are at your core. Let the real you out. Peace.”

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