Don’t read this before midnight

Hi friend!

I’m writing to you today with tears, excitement, anxiety, and positive overwhelm all at the same time.

To give you some context about this completely unexpected email,

Just imagine this:

It’s midnight, I’m on my phone, completely drained from riding twice today (a total of 60km), it’s Saturday and I’m probably gonna lose a lot of susbcribers if I send this now…

But my purpose is calling me to do this.

I have this creative part of my brain who lights up and commands me to write a masterpiece about “showing up as yourself” because i know this could CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I literally hit the 3000 character limit on LinkedIn because I was planning to post it there but now it’s too good to be a post that is seen once and disappeared on the feed, so I’m turning it into an evergreen email/newsletter.

The pain of going to Canva to design a picture for this post and opening Convertkit to write this email ALL USING MY PHONE at midnight, shows how much I fucking care about you and how much I want you to improve and show up for yourself.

so that you can be more happy & successful in your life/business.

But most importantly, less alone.

Think of it as a “tough love letter”,

it might only make sense to read this (again) on a late Saturday night.

[End of context]

It’s so fkn crazy to me how many people simply don’t show up as they are.
They have to wear another person’s label.
Bruh, just stop wearing Justin Welsh, Dan Koe, Alex Hormozi boxers.
Stop putting people on a pedastol.
They are just humans like you & I.
They are doing their thing.
Why can’t you go do your thing?
Why do you have to not just copy but worship their thing?
Why can’t you go do your thing?
Not enough courage? confidence? will power? Intention? support?
Use what you have.
Fear, loneliness, pain, pressure can be your greatest source of motivation.
Why can’t you go do your thing?
This is super hard for me to say but probably 10x harder for you to read but imma say it cause you need to hear it:
Stop being a slave to other people
Stop being a slave to an algorithm
Stop being a slave to money
Stop being a slave to a job
Stop being a slave to content that sucks
Stop being a slave to your limiting beliefs
Stop being a slave to societal standards
Stop being a slave to a flag
Stop being a slave to an identity label
Stop being a slave to your phone
Stop being a slave to a cheap dopamine hit
Stop being a slave to toxicity
Stop being slave to your own mind
Go against all odds
Do the impossible
Be a man of your word
Do something different
Do something meaningful
Hone a craft
Make art
Take a leap
Dance alone
Hike the top of the mountain
Beat your own records
Do it scared
Jump without the ropes
Start here, start now.
Today is already tomorrow’s yesterday.
Make it count.
See you in traffic 🏳️

P.S. if this email changed your life, I’m making it public so that you can share it and change the life of someone else out there.

Okay good night!!


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